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  • Jennifer Outram

How Do I Take Credit Card Payments?

Starting a business is an amazing adventure but so many different elements need to be factored to ensure the business can grow and flourish properly. One element that frequently gets confusing is your payment processing system. Whether you have an online business or an in-person business it will be crucial to understand what system you need to properly receive credit card payments.

1. In-Person Payments

Brick-and-mortar businesses need to be able to receive credit card payments and there are many different devices that allow you to receive these. It can be small handheld devices, smart phone attachments, or even larger POS systems that tie all the different terminals together depending on the size of the business. It is crucial to pick the right product that makes the most sense for your business because you could be spending way more than you need to or limiting how fast your company can grow.

Here at Mix Payments, we do an analysis to determine what device or system is the most functional for your business along with ensuring you are paying as little fees as possible. At times we can even implement a cash discount model that eliminates the processing fees your business takes on but that can be found in a future blog post.

When it is all said and done there are many different options for in-person payment reception but what about if your business receives payments online?

2. Online Payments

In this digital age, it is crucial to have a system set up through your website or a portal that allows the capability for your business to receive payments online. There are many different systems that are stand alone or that will even tie in to your current in-person system. This is where we do our best to give the best recommendation and assist with implementation to ensure this important step can be as painless as possible.

Some systems however monopolize the processing fees you have to use with their products. We called these close loop systems. What you typically always want to have is an open integration system. This will consistently allow you to get the most competitive processing fee rates to ensure that these big companies can't just increase their fees year in and year out and you are stuck paying their high fees.

Processing fees are a surprisingly controllable element but with the wrong system it can grow into an expense that you hate to look at.

3. Over-The-Phone Payments

Some businesses have to be able to take payments over the phone. This however allows for flexibility as you can choose either an in-person device that you manually type in or you can do the same via the online system that you use. However keep in mind that there can be user error in terms of one mistyped number so try to avoid this when possible to ensure you are always receiving payment.


Hopefully this brief overview helps you understand the different ways you can receive credit card payments for your business. We take pride in helping businesses understand all their options and ensuring they have a system in place that works best! If you are interested in having something set up for your new business or if you are curious to know if we can get you savings on your processing fees give us a call today!

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